Amendment of the German Waste Wood Ordinance

The amendment of the German Waste Wood Ordinance is forthcoming. The regulations are expected to be amended in 2020.

The BAV e.V. has formulated its wishes for amendments to the Waste Wood Ordinance in a position paper. This document summarises the positions taken by the BAV Working Group on Waste Wood Ordinance.

The BAV position paper on the amendment of the Waste Waste Ordinance can be downloaded here: BAV e.V. Positionspapier Novellierung AltholzV Stand 2018-07-18 (only in German)
The proposed change to the presumption of rule can be found here:
BAV e.V. Vorschlag Regelvermutung 2018-07-20 (only in German)

We will also report on the further process as part of our Wast Wood Conference (19.09.2019, Munich).

UFO Plan Study Amendment of the Waste Wood Ordinance

The study “Evaluation of the Waste Wood Ordinance in view of a necessary amendment” is carried out by the IWARU – Institute for Infrastructure – Water – Resources – Environment under the direction of Prof. Dr. Sabine Flamme. The project is scheduled to take 15 months from the date the contract is awarded. The final report is to be published in mid-2019.

Subject of the research project:

Within the framework of the research project, the existing waste wood ordinance will be reviewed. Where are the implementation deficits of the current regulation? Which changes due to technical and analytical progress have to be taken into account? How is the monitoring of exports and imports of scrap wood carried out and where are there deficits? From this, recommendations for action are developed. A material flow analysis of the waste wood material flows will also be prepared in order to estimate possible effects of the proposed solutions on the material flows.

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