Waste wood markets in Europe

Wir freuen uns, dass unsere Europäische Arbeitsgruppe Altholz nach einer erzwungenen Corona-Pause in Zürich wieder zusammentritt. Wir sind gespannt auf die neuesten Entwicklungen in den einzelnen Mitgliedstaaten, auf Neuigkeiten von der Kommission und auf Praxisberichte aus der Industrie.

Sind Sie daran interessiert, an einem der kommenden Treffen teilzunehmen? Wenn ja, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte.


Opening / Welcome
Simon Obert BAV e.V

Implementing the EU’s 2030 climate target
Jurek Zaroffe BDE e.V.
With the Fit-for-55 programme, important decisions for a climate-friendly future of Europe have been taken. An overview of the central new plans from Brussels, which will also directly and indirectly affect the waste wood sector, will be given in the BDE presentation.

The Swiss waste wood market from the perspective of Mitrade
Reto Murer, Mitrade (Mandate at Swiss Krono)
Swiss Krono Group AG is an important and internationally active company in the wood-based materials industry. We look forward to gaining an insight into the Swiss waste wood market and the company’s activities in the field of waste wood.

Growing importance of waste wood utilisation at Axpo
Reto Murer, Axpo
Axpo is the largest Swiss producer of renewable energy and an international leader in energy trading and in the marketing of solar and wind power. We are pleased to have an insight into Axpo’s activities in the field of waste wood

Waste wood market in the UK
Andy Hill WRA
The waste wood market in the UK has changed. The country has turned from an exporter to an importer of waste wood. WRA has also initiated extensive research to better understand waste wood grades and potential contaminant levels. We look forward to an update from our partner association.

Production of green diesel using waste wood
Petteri Nuolivirta
Neste is the world’s largest producer of renewable diesel. The company intends to expand its feedstock pool from the current oil and grease residues to woody biomass. Neste is currently planning to build a renewable fuel plant based on wood biomass in Porvoo, Finland. In the presentation we will get insights into the project.

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